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ePED® escape route technology

Electrically controlled escape door systems enable doors along escape routes to be locked in the direction of escape. The goal is to achieve controlled exit management, protection against misuse and compliance with safety and supervisory requirements.

With the certification in accordance with the German guideline for electrical locking systems for doors along escape routes (EltVTR, Richtlinie über elektrische Verriegelungssysteme von Türen in Rettungswegen), they fulfil the building requirements in Germany and offer maximum security in dangerous situations. With the additional certification in accordance with EN 13637, the European requirements are fulfilled and new opportunities are offered for a security concept in buildings.

One new addition are the functions described in EN 13637, in particular the time-delayed release following emergency button actuation and the central escape-door control system that offers a reaction option for security personnel. Approval from the relevant building authorities is required for this optional function that deviates from the EltVTR.